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Best Wireless Mouse for Big Hands | Large Gaming Mice

The PC market is flooded with plenty of tiny wireless mice which isn’t great for ergonomics or even for someone with normal-sized hands humans, let alone for someone who has giant hands. I like to use a palm grip while using my mice and it also doesn’t help that I have large hands, so It was always a struggle for me to find the right mouse for myself.

So I’m here to help you find the right wireless mouse for your Big hands.

MX Master 3S Wireless – My Top Pick

Logitech MX Master 3S - Wireless Gaming mouse for big hands

3S is a generational upgrade from MX Master 3 by Logitech and for small hands, it might feel bigger in size but for Large hands, this mouse is perfect.

While being perfect for ergonomics, this mouse is also perfect for added functionality because of its additional scroll wheel which is horizontal, and the added fully customizable buttons. MX Master 3S also features the ‘silent click‘ technology which according to them eliminates the sound of the click while keeping the satisfying tactile feel of the click. But in my experience using it, the click feels a bit mushy, which I don’t mind that much but you might.

If you like having that tactile feel and sound of the click, you should buy MX Master 3 instead, they are practically the same in terms of housing with a couple of feature differences. Another one of those differences is the Bolt receiver, which is more secure, latency is reduced to 4-7ms, and it’s way more reliable.

Not to mention the Bluetooth connection option which comes in handy all the time when I need to use it with my Macbook. Along with an increase in DPI from 4000 to 8000 DPI for better control of the mouse on the screen.

I also LOVE the horizontal scroll wheel on the MX Master series, it’s so handy to be used in multiple applications, especially the fact that I can customize it so much with Logi options+ software for individual programs like Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

This mouse is a little bit on the expensive side but all in all, I highly recommend MX Master 3S if you have big hands and want a wireless mouse that is highly reliable and functional and that’s why it’s my Top Pick.

Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Wireless - Best wireless mouse for big hands in 2023

The second recommendation for a very good wireless mouse for large hands is the Corsair Sabre RGB Pro. It is also available as a wired version but Corsair came out with a wireless version as well and I couldn’t be happier because I already loved the wired version.

I’m a palm grip man and this mouse fits in my big hands very well. On the bottom it has a compartment for the 2.4 GHz USB dongle and a toggle to switch from a wireless dongle to a Bluetooth connection, should you prefer that. I personally have no problems with using a wireless dongle while I use the mouse with my PC but a Bluetooth connection does come in handy when I want to use it with my MacBook as I don’t want to go through the routine of finding a USB-C adapter.

Corsair is a very trusted brand and has excellent software to control the profiles and DPI of the mouse, I don’t use profiles all that much but I do indeed switch between multiple DPIs depending on whether I’m gaming or using Photoshop.

The DPI indicator is a small light right below the scroll wheel and the software assigns different colors to different DPIs to identify, it does turn off automatically a little while after I cycle between the DPI. You can set the colors of individual DPI levels yourself, which in my case helps me remember which color is set to which DPI.

The software also helps create and customize up to 5 profiles which can be stored onboard memory and I don’t need to start up the software every time I turn on the computer or switch to a different PC.

Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Wireless Champion series lightweight gaming mouse for giant hands

Sabre RGB Pro also has multiple programmable buttons which are out of the way from my palm grip, this mouse is also designed for right-hand use, so as a righty, that makes me a happy man. I highly recommend this mouse if you are looking for a modern ergonomic wireless mouse for your big hands around the range of 100 bucks from a trusted brand.

Oh did I mention that it comes with a regular rubber USB-C cable that plugs into the front of the mouse for charging and while charging it can be used as a wired mouse?

I don’t need to charge it that often because I tend to turn off the RGB lights as I am not fond of extra lightning (RGB) in my peripherals so that also saves me some juice.

Glorious Model D Wireless Gaming Mouse

Glorious Model D Wireless Mouse - Wireless gaming mouse for large hands

If you are looking for a lightweight ergonomic mouse for your big hands, you are going to like the Glorious Model D wireless mouse.

The clicks are nice and tactile, the scroll wheel feels smooth (not really for fast scrolling), and the extra programmable buttons are placed in just the right place, at least I didn’t have any problem using them with my palm grip. The finger grooves on the left and right-click buttons keep the fingers comfortable while using it.

This mouse is perfect for right-handed users, unlike their Model O, which is ambidextrous. Model D also uses the BAMF sensor which makes it reliable due to its high DPI and 1000 Hz polling rate.

Except for all that, It offers the same kind of bells and whistles you would expect from a mouse at this level, the reprogrammable keys, programmable DPI settings, and RGB lightning (I turn lightning off anyways, which as I already mentioned, helps save battery life).

Glorious Model D Wireless Mouse - Lightweight ergonomic gaming mouse for big hands

Model D weighs around 68 grams and Glorius achieves this via the honeycomb shell, if that kind of build is not your thing, I wouldn’t recommend you buy it. But if you want a lightweight wireless mouse then Glorious has essentially no competition in the market because of the features it is offering for around 80 dollars.

It comes with a long, braided USB-C cable to charge the mouse and also use it while charging. There is only one department where this Glorious Model D falls short if you want to call it that and that is Bluetooth connectivity, yes, Glorious Model D does not support Bluetooth connection.

I personally consider not having Bluetooth connectivity in a wireless mouse as a negative, because then I can’t connect it to my laptops without dongles or adapters but if that isn’t a problem for you, I highly recommend the Glorious Model D wireless mouse.

So which of these Mice should you buy?

My recommendations are as follows if you are still struggling between these three:

MX Master 3 or 3s is my Top Pick for an ergonomic Wireless mouse for someone with big hands. Logitech is a reputable company (actually none of the mice I mentioned are from any less reputable company). If you are looking for a mouse with a vertical scroll wheel or if you prefer a faster scroll wheel, I’d go with MX Master, it is my top recommendation for a reason.

If you aren’t a fan of too much going in a mouse, in terms of buttons and scroll wheels, or don’t like MX Master 3S, then I recommend you go with Corsair Sabre RGB pro wireless. It’s another big mouse in the same price range as MX Master 3S and it’s reliable every time you pick it up to use it.

However, if you are looking for a bit more affordable or lightweight mouse that would work for your big hand and you don’t mind compromising on Bluetooth connection as an option, then my recommendation is the Glorious Model D.

It is a phenomenal mouse for this kind of budget and it doesn’t compromise on anything other than the Bluetooth connectivity option, which isn’t a dealbreaker to everyone, even if it is for me.

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