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Do Apple Airtags Make Noise? AirTag Sounds Explained

AirTags are equipped with various sounds and chimes to communicate specific messages to the user. In this guide we will explore each of AirTag’s sounds, helping you navigate and understand what your AirTag is trying to convey when it makes a certain sound.

Do Apple AirTags Make Noise?

Yes, Apple AirTags produce specific sounds under certain circumstances to indicate different statuses or alerts to the owner.

Types of Sounds Produced by AirTags

Apple AirTags come with a variety of sounds, each indicating a unique status. Some of the most common sounds include:

  • Play sound feature
  • Pairing sound
  • Disconnection alert
  • Safety alerts

Now Let me briefly explain each of these one by one.

Play Sound Feature

When you can’t find the item your AirTag is attached to, the “Play Sound” feature on the Find My app will make your AirTag emit this sound, helping you locate the item.

AirTag Pairing Sound

When you first set up your AirTag or reconnect it to your device, it makes a unique chime. This sound indicates that the AirTag has successfully paired with your device and is ready for use.

Disconnection Alert

When your iPhone or iPad is separated from the AirTag for an extended period, it will notify you. This is to prevent you from leaving behind essential items.

  • Customize alerts: Navigate to the Find My app to customize these alerts to your preference, choosing which items trigger notifications and which don’t.

AirTag Safety Alerts

As a measure to prevent unwanted tracking, if your iPhone or iPad detects an unknown AirTag traveling with you, it will notify you using one of the two sounds above.

You can take the following measures to ensure your safety:

  • Check your items: If you get such an alert, inspect your belongings to locate the AirTag.
  • Report if necessary: If you believe someone is trying to track you maliciously, contact local authorities.

Common Questions About AirTag Sounds

Common Questions About AirTag Sounds

Why is My AirTag Beeping Unexpectedly?

Various factors can cause unexpected beeping from your AirTag. Some common causes include connectivity problems and the AirTag being in lost mode.

Can I Change or Turn Off My AirTag Sounds?

As of now, Apple doesn’t offer extensive customization for AirTag sounds. However, certain alerts, like the separation alert, can be modified or turned off from the Find My app settings.

Does AirTag make a sound when its battery is Low?

No, right now Apple AirTags don’t make a sound to notify owners when the battery is low. You will be notified on your iPhone about the low battery status.

How to Test Each Sound on Your Apple AirTag?

  1. Play Sound: Open Find My app, select your AirTag, and tap “Play Sound.”
  2. Pairing Sound: Reset your AirTag and pair it again with your device.
  3. Disconnection Alert: Turn off Bluetooth on your paired device and wait for the alert.
  4. Safety Alerts: If you are traveling with an AirTag that’s not paired to your devices, after some time, your device should produce an alert.

Final Thoughts

In this guide, You’ve explored with me the different sounds that Apple AirTags make, from setup chimes to alerts. You learned why each sound is crucial, how to manage them, and some handy tips for using AirTags effectively.

By understanding these things about your AirTag, you’re all set to make the most of your AirTag, making sure you always know the whereabouts of your belongings.

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