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Are Apple AirTags Waterproof? Can AirTags Get Wet?

AirTags are these nifty little coin-shaped trackers to keep track and find your keys or other belongings if you misplace them. I personally use AirTags to keep track of my keyring and backpack and the single most asked question that people ask me is: Are AirTags Waterproof?

No, Apple AirTags aren’t completely waterproof. With an IP67 rating, they can handle some splashes and can survive being submerged in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes but they’re not fully waterproof.

Can Apple AirTags Get Wet?

Yes, because of their IP67 rating, Apple AirTags can get wet and still work. But, it is also worth noting that heavy exposure to water or other liquids can still damage them.

I guess what I’m saying and what is recommended by Apple on their support page is that Apple AirTags are water resistant so it is okay to use them outside in rainy weather but long periods of water exposure aren’t ideal. That means you shouldn’t be thinking about taking your AirTags along while going for a surf anytime soon.

Can Apple Airtag survive in the Washing Machine?

AirTags are IP67 water-resistant which means There is a good chance they might survive if you forgot them in your pants pocket and washed those pants in a washing machine.

What to do if I accidentally wash an AirTag in a washing machine?

Even if there is a chance it will be just fine, I recommend you follow these simple steps out of precaution if it ever happens to you.

  1. Pat it dry from outside and open Apple AirTag.

  2. Take out the battery and pat it dry with a paper towel.

  3. Pat the internals dry as much as possible and let them air for 10-20 minutes.

  4. Put the battery back inside and close the lid of your Apple AirTag.

I’ve explained more about how to open an AirTag and take out the battery here.

Can Apple AirTags get wet and still work

Can AirTags survive being dropped into a puddle?

In my personal experience of accidentally dropping my keyring with an Airtag into a puddle, it does survive because puddles are shallow and don’t test the absolute limits of the water resistance of AirTags.

Having said that, I’d still recommend you follow the steps above to make sure there isn’t any long-term water damage.

Can I Improve AirTag’s water resistance by putting a case on it?

Yes, you can improve the water resistance of an Apple AirTag significantly by putting it in a case designed to make it Waterproof. There are plenty of such waterproof AirTag cases available on the market to choose from.

Is the Tracking Signal affected if my AirTag is wet?

Yes, but it depends. Water can affect Bluetooth signals but unless an Airtag is fully submerged 2-3 ft underwater, the signal accuracy isn’t likely to be affected.

To Sum it up,

While Apple AirTags are not entirely waterproof they can get wet without a problem, because their IP67 rating does offer a reasonable degree of water resistance. This ensures that the AirTag will survive short-term water exposure, making it a reliable companion for keeping tabs on your possessions.

However, it’s essential to recognize the limits of the device’s water resistance and take necessary precautions to protect it from damage. The Apple AirTag’s water resistance should suffice for most people, providing peace of mind and helping you keep track of your precious belongings without any problems.

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