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Do Airtags Work Without Bluetooth? AirTags Explained

AirTags, Apple’s ingenious device designed for people to track their belongings have become increasingly popular since its release and have made it easier to locate misplaced items, such as keys, wallets, and bags.

One of the most common questions that come up is whether or not Airtags work without Bluetooth.

Airtags use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to communicate between the tracker and the user’s iPhone or other compatible devices. When an Airtag is attached to an item, it can be detected by nearby Bluetooth devices. This means for an Airtag to work effectively, Bluetooth must be active on the device being used to locate it.

Without Bluetooth, the Airtag’s ability to communicate with your device is essentially lost. This renders it unable to perform its primary function of locating lost items. Therefore, it can be stated that Airtags do not work without Bluetooth.

Do Apple Airtags Need Bluetooth to Work?

Fundamentally Apple Airtags use Bluetooth (BLE) to communicate their location securely while setting up a new AirTag or while trying to find one, so Yes, Apple Airtags need a Bluetooth connection.

Do Apple Airtags NEED bluetooth to function

But, it is also very important to understand that Apple has gone the extra mile to create a HUGE network of interconnected devices called the Find My network, which enhances Airtag’s capabilities beyond the limitations of Bluetooth range.

This network comprises millions of Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and Macs, which can anonymously and securely relay the location of a lost Airtag to the owner through end-to-end encrypted communication.

What is the Range of Apple Airtags’ Bluetooth?

The Effective range of An Apple Airtag’s Bluetooth signal is about 8-12 meters in line of sight and the closer you get to the AirTag, you can get a more precise location even down to a couple of centimeters thanks to the UWB chip onboard Apple AirTag.

In scenarios where an Airtag is out of the Bluetooth range of your device, the Find My network can assist in locating the item. The Airtag still communicates with these nearby devices in the Find My network using Bluetooth, and those devices then connect to the internet to Broadcast the Airtag’s location.

FAQs about Airtag Bluetooth Connectivity

Below are some of the common questions people have regarding the Bluetooth technology used in Apple AirTags.

Does Airtag need WiFi to work?

No, AirTag does not need a Wi-Fi connection to work as it uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to transmit its location.

What version of Bluetooth Does Apple AirTags use?

Apple Airtags use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.2 which helps them broadcast their location to the Find My network.

Do Airtags have GPS Technology?

No, Apple AirTags only use Apple’s Find My network via Bluetooth technology and thus does not use any GPS to track itself.

How Long Does the AirTag Battery Last?

Apple AirTags use a small Lithium battery which paired with the energy efficiency of an AirTag can help it last for about a year after that the battery will need to be replaced.

So In conclusion,

Airtags rely heavily on Bluetooth technology (BLE) for their primary functionality. While Apple’s Find My network greatly expands the potential range for locating lost items, it does not change the fact that Airtags need Bluetooth to operate effectively.

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