Best Bluetooth Headsets of 2019 – Bluetooth Headset on Budget

Best Bluetooth Headsets 2018 - Headset Buyer's Guide
In early the 2000s, Bluetooth Headsets became popular as business-class call attending accessories that came with the higher end cell phones. Most of these headsets were mono and were great tools for wireless call...

Best In Ear Headphones of 2019 – Earbuds Review Round-Up

Best In Ear Headphones of 2018 - Best Earbuds You SHOULD Buy This Year
While most of us love the powerful bass and the robust feel of over-the-ear headphones, there are some situations in which having these bulky headphones can be troublesome, despite how good they sound. Some...

Best USB Magnetic Charge and sync Cables for Smartphones

Best USB Magnetic Phone Charging and sync Cables
I have been very vocal about the things Apple as a company has messed up, like the headphone jack and the Type-C fiasco, also that notch thingy on iPhone X and all the latest...

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